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(not including application fee). I understand that this tuition includes supplies consisting of textbook, oils, lotions, creams, or gels used in the classroom, exit exam fees, ABMP Membership and study prep. I understand that basic school supplies, sheets, towels, MBLEX testing fees, state board testing fees, Arkansas licensing fees and requirements, and other items needed for this course will be at an additional cost or are to be provided by me.


Tuition must be paid in full one week prior to the first day of class or in monthly installments as arranged with the Financial Officer. (Payment in full by check, cashier’s check, or money order, will be given a 5% discount)


I understand that refunds will be calculated in accordance with the refund policy of Master Massage Learning. If tuition has been paid in full, a refund will be made directly to the student within 30 days after written withdrawal or dismissal.


I understand that I can be dismissed from the program of study for any of the following.


1.Incorrect or misleading information presented to Master Massage Learning.

2.Unlawful possession, use, or distributions of elicit drugs and or alcohol on the premises, or in connection with any school event.

3.Unexcused absences or tardiness.

4.Unprofessional dresses, hygiene, or conduct.

5.Promoting the practice of massage in an unprofessional manner.

6.Failure to pay tuition in a timely manner.

7.Behavior that may cause harm to the reputation of the Institute .

8.The practice of or the attempt to practice massage therapy outside of the school program while a student of the Institute. 

9.Failure to maintain a satisfactory academic standard.

10.Failure to comply with Policy and Procedures of the Institute.


I understand that after I have satisfactorily completed the course of study, demonstrated proficiency in the practice of massage therapy, passed all final examinations, paid tuition and fees in full, and otherwise complied with all the rules and regulation of the Institute, I will receive a diploma and transcript certifying my completion of the program and will be eligible to sit for the MBLEx and Arkansas license.


I also understand that the Arkansas Department of Health governs massage therapy. Any course taught in this program is for completion of licensure and are not intended to indicate scope of practice in Arkansas. I also understand that a space in a class is not guaranteed until financial arrangements for payment of the course are made.


(Notice to applicant: Do not sign this agreement before you have read it in its entirety. You are entitled to an exact copy of this contract.)


I understand that this agreement becomes a binding contract with my signature, its acceptance, and subsequent signature of the Academy Director or Instructor.

Thanks for registering.

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